Three Months Later... Crickets. One Quarter of a Year Following Zakim's Debate Proposal, Galvin's Silence Echoes Loudly

June 8th, 2018

BOSTON –Three months ago, Secretary of State candidate Josh Zakim challenged his opponent, Bill Galvin, to a series of six public debates – one a month leading up to the Democratic primary to discuss the issues and policy differences between the campaigns.

Ninety days later, Galvin still has not agreed– or even responded to the invitation – to square off in a public debate. The debate challenge counter Zakim unveiled a month ago on his website is quickly approaching triple digits (

“Bill Galvin’s silence is speaking volumes about how he is running his campaign – in secrecy and out of public view,” Zakim said. “The people of Massachusetts deserve better than that. There are significant policy differences between us, and voters have every right to expect us to describe and defend our positions.

“Unfortunately, this is how he has run each of his campaigns for his nearly quarter century in this office,” Zakim continued. “He hasn’t publicly debated any opponent in more than a decade. Our elected officials, as well as candidates for office, owe it to the public to sit before them, make their case and answer their questions. It’s arrogant and insulting for him not to do that.”

Both campaigns have received invitations from several media outlets inviting them to debate publicly on their airwaves. Zakim has agreed to all of them; Galvin to none.

“I have said over and over that I will debate Bill Galvin in public anytime, anywhere,” Zakim said. “As I did when I won the endorsement of the Massachusetts Democratic Party last week, I’m excited to share the many innovative ideas I have for the Secretary of State’s office, and to detail my public record. He continues choosing the path of willfully keeping voters in the dark. That is arrogant, unacceptable and unhelpful. The people of Massachusetts expect, demand and deserve better.”