Josh Zakim Statement on SJC's Ruling in Chelsea Collaborative v. Galvin

Monday, July 2, 2018

“It’s a failure of leadership that this case was brought to the Supreme Judicial Court in the first place. It was a year ago that Bill Galvin chose to appeal a Superior Court decision and fight to keep the state’s arbitrary 20-day voter registration cutoff. That’s a year lost to working proactively to implement a same-day voter registration system for Massachusetts. We now have, at least, another election cycle in which eligible Massachusetts residents have an additional, unnecessary obstacle to voting.

“Elizabeth Warren, Maura Healey, countless other elected officials and residents across the Commonwealth, have stood up to say that we need Election Day registration, on top of many other common-sense voting reforms. Our campaign for Secretary of State has focused on removing barriers to the ballot box for every eligible voter, while Secretary Galvin has been single-handedly slowing the process and opposing these reforms in his never-ending attempt to protect his status quo.

“But the status quo isn’t acceptable anymore. During Galvin’s tenure we’ve seen plummeting voter turnout rates, hundreds of thousands of people not registering and growing disenfranchisement and disenchantment with our government and our elected officials. It is time for Massachusetts to elect a proactive, progressive Secretary of State. Someone who will fight to eliminate these barriers to access, not someone who will fight the ACLU in court to maintain them.”