State Senator Julian Cyr Endorses Josh Zakim for Secretary of State

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

BOSTON—State Senator Julian Cyr of Cape Cod today announced that he is endorsing Josh Zakim in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State.

“Josh’s dedication to protect the rights of voters and ensure the Commonwealth remains a participatory representative democracy is exactly what this office needs,” Cyr said. “He has the vision, integrity, and progressive values that will make him an outstanding Secretary of State. He has my vote and I hope he earns yours.”

Zakim’s campaign has focused heavily on making government more accessible, especially for families who are juggling multiple jobs and responsibilities. He has proposed establishing Election Day Registration and weekend voting, while also endorsing Automatic Voter Registration and scrapping the law requiring a qualified excuse to obtain an absentee ballot.

“For over a decade, we’ve seen a trend in decreasing voter turnout across the Commonwealth; Josh’s innovative policies are a way to reverse that course,” Cyr said. “A strong democracy starts with an engaged electorate that participates in every election, from municipal races to the Corner Office. A government reflects the voice of the people only if the people can be heard — Josh will ensure that all can be active citizens.”

Cyr, 32, is the youngest member and the sole member of the LGBTQ community in the Massachusetts State Senate. The Truro native was elected in 2016, representing the Cape and Islands. Prior to his election, Cyr was director of policy and regulatory affairs for environmental health at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. He has also served on the Massachusetts Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth.

“Julian has been a leader in government long before being elected,” Zakim said, “I am honored to have his backing, and I’m looking forward to working closely with him over the next several years.”

“The Secretary of State’s office is vital to every single person in Massachusetts, even if they don’t realize it,” Zakim added. “From eligible voters to business owners to investors to residents who simply want to know what is happening with their tax dollars, this is their office, and I will be fighting in their corner every day.”