Four Months After Debate Challenge, Galvin's Silence Speaks Volumes

July 9th, 2018

BOSTON –When Secretary of State candidate Josh Zakim challenged his opponent, Bill Galvin, to a series of six public debates four months ago, Zakim didn’t expect Galvin to say yes right away.

“Traditionally, the two campaigns take some time to talk with each other, compare schedules and then come up with dates acceptable to both of them,” Zakim said. “But in this campaign we’ve heard nothing at all. He told me he got our invitation letter, but aside from that, total silence. That silence speaks volumes.”

Galvin hasn’t debated any primary opponent in more than two decades. The last time he had a Democratic challenger, in 2006, he agreed to a debate and then simply didn’t show up.

“There are so many important issues, and differences in our approach to those issues, that it’s disingenuous not to discuss and debate them in a public forum,” Zakim said. “We differ on expanding voting rights – I support Election Day Registration, Automatic Voter Registration, weekend voting, extended early voting, and no excuse absentee voting, and his record and actions indicate he does not. But why? After 24 years in office, he should have to defend his record and his positions.”

Both campaigns have received several invitations from media outlets to debate. Zakim has accepted all of them; Galvin none of them.

“I will debate him anytime, anywhere,” Zakim said. “It’s crystal clear he’s trying to run out the clock without having to answer questions from voters. I’m hoping he’ll soon change his mind and stop ducking me. The voters deserve to hear from both of us.

“I’ve shared my ideas and vision with the people of Massachusetts, and they responded. I won the endorsement of the Massachusetts Democratic Party in June, and I’ve been talking and listening to voters every day since. He chooses to intentionally keep voters in the dark. It’s arrogant, it’s unacceptable and it’s unhelpful. The people of Massachusetts expect, demand and deserve better.”