Josh Zakim Statement on Bill Galvin's Use of Office Staff to do Campaign Work

Thursday, May 10, 2018

“I was deeply disturbed to read today’s report in The Boston Globe that Secretary Galvin has been using his office staff – public employees – to work for his campaign while being paid by the taxpayers of Massachusetts. These reported abuses raise serious ethical and legal questions that demand answers from Secretary Galvin.

“The behavior described in the Globe would be unacceptable and unethical for any public official, but it is particularly egregious coming from the Commonwealth’s chief elections officer. We rely on the Secretary of State and many of the very staff members named in this story to ensure that Massachusetts elections are free, fair, and impartially administered. Our democracy demands that elections officials do their job impartially and 100 percent beyond reproach. These reports raise serious question as to whether or not that is the case in Massachusetts.

“I expect that the appropriate agency or agencies will investigate the extent to which Secretary Galvin used his employees to do campaign work on public time, how far back this practice goes, if the Secretary or his senior managers pressured subordinates to participate, and how it may have impacted the current and past elections. Secretary Galvin is, for now, our chief elections officer; he should therefore not only welcome such a probe, but also encourage and fully participate in it.”