Progressive Values


Throughout Josh’s time as a Boston City Councilor, he has consistently fought for those who lack a voice in government. As chair of the Council’s Civil Rights committee, Josh has been a leader on issues of access, equality, and social justice. Josh will bring these same progressive values to the Secretary of State’s office every day. In the face of a hostile President and a hostile Congress, we need leaders who represent and exemplify the progressive values we cherish in Massachusetts.


The 2020 Census

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Josh knows that the 2020 Census is critically important to Massachusetts - making sure everyone is counted will impact countless facets of our lives for the next decade, from representation in Congress to federal funding. The greatest concerns Josh has about the implementation of the census are the counting of our non-citizens and adequate funding of the process. Josh will use the power and resources of the Secretary’s office to engage our immigrant communities throughout Massachusetts, both at a grassroots level and through partnering with advocacy organizations, to make sure they are fully counted. Understandably so in the age of Trump, many non-citizens may balk at participating in the Census. It’s everyone’s job, but especially the Secretary’s, to engage them throughout 2019 and educate them regarding the importance of the census. As the sponsor of the Boston Trust Act, the law that made Boston a Sanctuary City, Josh has already worked closely with immigrant communities and advocacy groups to build trust and cooperation between non-citizens and government - he will leverage these experiences and deep relationships to ensure all of our residents are counted in 2020. Josh will also use the bully pulpit of the Secretary’s office everyday to advocate for increased state funding for census education and support programs. With a veto-proof legislative majority at the State House, Democrats must make this a priority throughout 2019.


A Woman's Right to Choose

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45 years after Roe v. Wade, our country now faces an existential crisis when it comes to protecting the reproductive rights of women. With the long-term composition of the Supreme Court poised to turn hard to the right, the door may soon be open for states to outlaw a woman’s right to choose. Shockingly, even in Massachusetts we have seen past legislative attempts to amend the state constitution to do just that. In this toxic national political climate, Massachusetts must demand that our government is filled at every level with leaders who will steadfastly protect women’s reproductive rights, and who will draw a red line at any attempts to erode those rights. Josh is unequivocal in supporting a woman’s right to choose and will continue to be an unwavering advocate on this issue regardless of the office he holds. The stakes are simply too high to sit on the sidelines.


LGBTQ Rights


The LGBTQ community of Massachusetts is vibrant and strong, and deserves a Secretary of State who will not only say the right things about inclusivity but also follow those words with real action. For years, Josh has led on issues of importance to the LGBTQ community, such as convening hearings to address the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ seniors in their efforts to find welcoming, affordable housing. Or fostering dialogue amongst Boston Public Schools, the Public Health Commission, and elected officials to tackle mental health and homelessness prevalence amongst LGBTQ youth of color. As Secretary of State, Josh will continue to be an unwavering ally to the LGBTQ community. The people of Massachusetts will always know where Josh stands, whereas Secretary Galvin has spent a career wavering on the notion of inclusion, illustrated by his vote in support of legislation that sought to ban gay couples from adopting children.