Josh Zakim Statement on Bill Galvin's "Internal Investigation" into Ethics Law Violations

 Thursday, May 10, 2018


“There is no way the people of Massachusetts can trust the internal investigation that Secretary Galvin claims to be conducting into his office’s violation of state campaign and ethics laws. The Boston Globe report published earlier today provided evidence of violations from over one dozen staffers in the Secretary’s office, including senior managers.

“Bryan Lantagne, who is conducting this internal review, reports to Galvin. There isn’t a hint of independence, nor is there any way Mr. Lantagne can conduct a fair and thorough investigation of his own boss, Bill Galvin, and of the office in which he works. Moreover, why should taxpayers be footing the bill for yet another of Galvin’s state employees to perform a task outside the scope of his day job?

“Laws were broken and the public trust was violated. It is clear from the Globe reports that many in the Secretary’s office feel they are members of his re-election campaign. We need an independent body, like the Ethics Commission or the Attorney General’s Office, to look at the evidence and determine the extent to which Bill Galvin used his employees to do campaign work on public time; how far back this practice goes; if the Secretary or his senior managers pressured subordinates to participate; and how it may have impacted the current and past elections.

“Even Donald Trump ordered an independent investigation of his own campaign. Our Secretary of State’s administration and oversight of our elections must be beyond reproach. There are many questions that need to be answered, and there is no way that will happen from Bill Galvin investigating himself and his staff.”