Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern Endorses Josh Zakim for Secretary of State

Thursday, May 17, 2018

BOSTON—Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern today announced that he is endorsing Josh Zakim in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State.

“Josh’s dedication to protect the rights of voters is exactly what this office needs,” McGovern said. “We shouldn’t have to question the integrity of our elections, or the officials overseeing them, and with Josh, we can trust that the process will be fully fair and open.”

McGovern also lauded Zakim’s efforts in establishing the Boston Trust Act.

“I have advocated for immigrant families here in Cambridge by establishing us as a sanctuary city and creating a liaison program for families fearing deportation,” McGovern said. “I’m looking forward to working with Josh more on these important issues.”

Zakim’s campaign for Secretary of State emphasizes the importance of making government more accessible, especially to those families who are juggling multiple jobs and responsibilities. His proposals have included allowing residents to register to vote on Election Day, further expanding early voting and hosting statewide elections on weekends. A a member of the Boston City Council, Zakim authored the recently-passed Automatic Voter Registration law.

“Marc’s work in helping the underserved people in Cambridge is exactly the kind of support we want for this campaign,” Zakim said. “We share similar values on many issues. I’m excited to earn his support and to work with him to learn how my role as Secretary can help the people of Cambridge.”

McGovern was sworn in as Mayor of Cambridge this year and serves as the chairperson of the Cambridge City Council and School Committee. He has been a member of the Cambridge City Council since 2014. McGovern has a long record of community service in the city, serving four terms on the School Committee, and as a member of the Cambridge Kids’ Council. His work, both politically and as a social worker, has focused on issues facing vulnerable members of the Cambridge community, including income insecurity, affordable housing, homelessness and hunger.

“The Secretary of State’s office is vital to every single person in Massachusetts, even if they don’t realize it,” Zakim said. “From eligible voters to business owners to investors to residents who simply want to know what is happening with their tax dollars, this is their office, and I will be fighting in their corner every day.”