Josh Zakim Statement on Galvin's Failure to Advocate for Early Voting

Friday, August 2, 2018

The following is a statement from Secretary of State candidate Josh Zakim on Bill Galvin’s failure to work with the Legislature to ensure early voting for the state primary next month:

“Once again Bill Galvin’s inaction and obstructionist tactics are attempting to depress voter turnout and protect entrenched incumbents like himself. First, he brazenly schedules the state primary for the day after Labor Day for the first time in Massachusetts history. And now he has failed to work with the Legislature to schedule and fund an early voting period, two years after he finally got around to introducing the concept.

“Under Galvin, primary turnout in Massachusetts has dipped to historic lows, and any attempt that makes it easier to get people to the polls – from early voting to weekend voting to Election Day Registration – should be prioritized.

“Early voting was first introduced in Massachusetts in advance of the 2016 presidential election and more than one million people turned out to vote. There is absolutely no reason not to do it again. Why can’t a 24-year incumbent work with legislative leaders to get this done? The only plausible explanation is to keep turnout low and protect the status quo. Voters deserve better. It’s a shame that voters will have missed an opportunity this election cycle, but this will be the last time. When I’m Secretary of State, things will change.”