Josh Zakim Statement on President Trump's Blaming Boston and Lawrence for Opioid Crisis in New Hampshire

Monday, March 19, 2018

The following is a statement from Secretary of State candidate Josh Zakim on President Trump’s remarks today on sanctuary cities and the opioid crisis, in which he specifically referred to Boston and Lawrence:

“President Trump has again wrongly targeted immigrants and scapegoated them for the national opioid crisis. I consider sanctuary cities, which were cited derisively by Trump today, as a source of pride for our Commonwealth. I am proud to have authored the Boston Trust Act, which improved trust and cooperation between immigrant communities and law enforcement and prohibited the detention of residents based on immigration status.

“Mayor Walsh in Boston and Mayor Rivera in Lawrence have done an excellent job in helping people battle and beat addiction. Their efforts are saving lives in our cities, our state and across the border in New Hampshire, as well.

“Ending the national opioid crisis will take cooperation from a range of policymakers at all government levels, public health experts, law enforcement, addiction specialists and pharmaceutical companies. It does not require finger pointing and misplaced blame.”