Zakim Signs Progressive Pledge Limiting PAC, Third Party Spending, Proposes Two Additional Debates


Wednesday, August 15, 2018



BOSTON — Secretary of State candidate Josh Zakim today signed a Progressive Pledge agreeing to oppose third party outside spending in the campaign, limit PAC money and give the voters more opportunities to see the two candidates debate before the primary.

Zakim signed the pledge a day after the campaign’s first televised debate, agreeing to the pledge proposed by his opponent with two additions in line with the goals of clean, accessible campaigns – the candidates donate half of all their Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions received during the campaign to a charity supported by their opponent (which Zakim did today) and the candidates agree to at least two more debates before the election.

“This is a true progressive pledge that will actually limit outside influence in this campaign in a meaningful way while giving voters more of what they saw last night – clear differences in records, approach and vision for this important office,” said Zakim.

“If Bill Galvin’s pledge was anything more than an empty campaign gimmick, he’ll sign this today and join me on the debate stage to help make sure voters can make informed choices,” he added.

Zakim signed the pledge and today donated $625, an amount equal to half of the total PAC contributions he has received since announcing his candidacy, to Missionary Franciscan Sisters – a Newton-based charity long-supported by Galvin through his campaign committee.

The pledge requires the candidates to:

·       Donate half of all PAC contributions received by their campaigns directly to a charity supported by the opposing candidate or of the opposing candidate’s choice

·       Donate to a charity of the opposing candidate’s choice half of the cost of any independent spending made by a third-party organization (including television, radio, cable, satellite or online advertising or general mailings, in opposition to or in support of a candidate)

·       Agree that they or anyone on their behalf will not coordinate with any third party on similar expenditures and, if they do, that they will pay half of the cost of any expenditure to charity

·       In addition to their already scheduled second debate on Friday afternoon, August 24, the candidates will debate two additional times before the September 4 election.

“For a quarter century, Bill Galvin has been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from PACs which don’t disclose their donors and from special interests which do business with his office, and has been caught using taxpayer resources to get on the ballot. He’s even been cited by the federal government for using taxpayer dollars to run campaign-style ‘public service announcements’,” said Zakim. “In addition to signing the Progressive Pledge, I further challenge Secretary Galvin to donate 50 percent of the more than $150,000 in PAC donations he has received this century, and to reimburse the Commonwealth for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has used to produce and distribute his so-called ‘public service announcements’.”

“Time will tell if this is just another election-year conversion or if Galvin is ready to come out of his cozy, unchallenged perch to give the voters a clean, open and honest campaign,” Zakim said.