Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins Endorses Josh Zakim for Secretary of State

Thursday, May 31, 2018

BOSTON—Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins today announced he is endorsing Josh Zakim in his campaign for Secretary of State.

Tompkins, who was appointed Suffolk County Sheriff in 2013 and was elected to a full term in 2014, praised Zakim’s efforts to improve communication and coordination between law enforcement and Boston’s immigrant communities.

“Josh’s leadership in writing and passing the Boston Trust Act helped law enforcement build bridges of cooperation and maintain the fabric of communities,” Tompkins said. “He addressed a complex issue by listening and learning before acting. That’s a rare skill in government.

“Further, I appreciate his commitment to reaching into communities of color and his attention to absentee voting as a way to get more people to engage in the electoral process,” he continued. “Josh has a proven ability to express sound judgment and the will to forge broad political consensus, both of which will be helpful when he is Secretary of State.”

Zakim praised the leadership Tompkins and pledged continued cooperation.

“Sheriff Tompkins is a dedicated public servant, and I am honored to have his support in this race,” Zakim said. “His commitment to helping people and growing our city and state through fresh ideas and innovative leadership is exactly what we need in all levels of government, and it’s what I intend to bring to the Secretary of State’s office.”