Unite Here Local 26 Endorses Zakim for Secretary of State

Friday, May 18, 2018
Contact: info@joshzakim.com

BOSTON—The union representing nearly ten thousand hospitality workers in the hotel, food service, airport and gaming industries has endorsed Josh Zakim in his campaign for Secretary of State.

Brian Lang, President of UNITE HERE Local 26, said Zakim’s long-standing commitment to creating a better life for the hard-working women and men of Massachusetts made the endorsement decision an easy one.

“Josh has a deep-rooted commitment to civil rights, immigrant rights and workers’ rights,” Lang said. “Since 2013, when he was elected to the Boston City Council, he has delivered on every issue.  He has led marches of hotel workers in our fight for a better livelihood. He has authored the Boston Trust Act. He is fighting to protect our scarce housing supply from investors. Josh is one of us.”

Zakim’s campaign has focused on making government more accessible to the public, especially for hard-working families who have to balance work commitments with family and community responsibilities. His proposals have included allowing residents to register to vote on Election Day, further expanding early voting and holding statewide elections on weekends. As a member of the Boston City Council, Zakim authored a recently-passed law making it easier for Bostonians to register to vote during routine interactions with city agencies.

“As Secretary of State, we know Josh will continue to stand up for working people and work to expand voting opportunities,” Lang said. “Local 26 is ready to step up to the plate to make sure Josh wins.” Local 26 is one of the most diverse, progressive and politically influential unions in the Commonwealth.

“The women and men of UNITE HERE Local 26 are the people that I’m running to represent,” Zakim said. “They deserve a government that works more effectively and is more accountable to them. Our proposal reforms will make it easier for all eligible residents to register, to vote, and to participate fully in the government that they pay for. I’m honored to have the endorsement and backing of Local 26, and I look forward to working with them on this campaign and in the Secretary’s Office."

“The Secretary of State’s office is vital to every single person in Massachusetts, even if they don’t realize it,” Zakim continued. “From eligible voters to business owners to investors to residents who simply want to know what is happening with their tax dollars, this is their office, and I will be fighting in their corner every day.”